If you don’t have a FIS account yet, you can refer to this guide to create one. If you already have one, Please directly restore it.

Create an account

1.Enter StaFi app page, then click the StaFi icon on the upper left corner to select the network.
2.Select ‘Stafi Mainnet’ and click 'Switch' to switch the network.
3.Click ‘Accounts’ on the upper menu, then select ‘Add account' to create one.
4.Fill in the account name and password twice, and click "Next" to save the entered information.
Make sure to back up the mnemonic, otherwise it cannot be retrieved when lost.
5.Click 'Save' to create an account and save your JSON file.
When the account is created, the JSON file named after the account address will pop up. It is recommended to save it, which can be used for quick restoration.
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