StaFi and Dexe reached a strategic cooperation to give both traders and followers a way to generate even more profit from their assets. StaFi changes that by issuing a tradable rToken that one could exchange freely on any DEX or CEX where it is traded. The rToken/Token exchange rate will increase along with the staking rewards generated, thus the rToken holders could redeem more native tokens.


StaFi has reached a strategic cooperation with Chainlink’s market-leading oracle solution to provide dynamic exchange rates for rTokens as part of StaFi Protocol’s new staking derivatives solution. Chainlink’s price oracles are critical to ensuring that stakers creating, trading, and redeeming staking derivatives via the StaFi Protocol always receive the fair market price on those assets.


StaFi Protocol has reached a partnership with Bluzelle. Being able to bridge off-chain and on-chain data with our decentralized database and oracles, Bluzelle will help to support data for StaFi’s staking contract, such as pledge, redemption, transaction, as well as mapping information between rTokens & Staked tokens.



StaFi and Oasis Protocol Foundation reached a strategic cooperation. Both parties seek to ease the process of importing personal data into an exchange by data generators, which is based on Staking Derivatives(rToken). This will support the “Authorization” of personal private data in a decentralized way, which can be used by data generators to obtain revenue.


StaFi and Frontier reached a strategic cooperation. Reef users will be able to use StaFi’s Staking Contracts to issue rREEF tokens for the assets that they have staked on Reef’s platform. These rREEF tokens will be liquid and tradable, while the original assets remain locked in their native blockchain network.


StaFi and Equilibrium have teamed up to make their networks and assets more fully compatible with each other. Equilibrium will add StaFi’s rTokens to its lending platform, and StaFi’s staking platform will work with Equilibrium’s EQ token.


StaFi will support Matic Token in the StakingDrop campaigns. This partnership will help Matic further increase the staking rate and improve the bonding among the community members. In the future, StaFi and Matic will carry out deeper cooperation.