Claim on Sitara

You can do the following operations after August 17 21:00 (UTC+8).

The FIS tokens shown in this tutorial are for testing. This has been written as an example to show how to claim. This has nothing to do with the mainnet.

Users who participate in StakingDrop on Stafi's official website can claim dropped tokens on the Sitara network. It can be claimed once a day until the end of the activity.

Please note that this is just a test network. Users can do some tests at will, such as transfer or staking, etc.

1. Select Network

Open Stafiapp, click the Stafi icon on the upper left corner, and choose Sitara (Stafi Incentivized Testnet, hosted by Stafi). Click "Save&Reload" to save your settings.

2. Import Stafi Account

2.1. Click "Accounts" on the left menu to enter the account import page. However, in this tutorial, we will import through "Restore JSON".

2.2 Enter the account info input page, import JS file and password, and click "Restore" to complete import.

Please note that the account you import must be the one qualified for StakingDrop, or you will fail to claim FIS.

3. Confirm whether there are FIS to be claimed or not.

3.1. Enter the "Chain state" page and click "Storage". Please take a note of "selected state query", "claims" and "AccountID", which will be referred to later.

3.2. Unfold "selected state query" and choose "claims".

3.3 Unfold "claims" and choose "claims(Account):Option<BalanceOf>".

3.4. Unfold "AccountID" and choose the account where you want to receive FIS.

Notice: When there are multiple Stafi accounts imported, make sure to choose the one qualified for StakingDrop.

3.5 Click the green "+" mark (as shown in the screenshot below) to check the amount of FIS you can claim today. Please continue if there are FIS to be claimed.

Notice: The data will be updated at 0:30 (UTC+8). Numbers will be accumulated till the end of the campaign. You can check it on this page from time to time.

Explanation: Claims, Claimed, Total

Claims: The total number of FIS your account can claim. For example, if you can claim 100 on the first day and 50 the second day, then Claims shows 150 on the second day.

Claimed: The number of FIS you have been claimed. If Claims-Claimed>0, then you have FIS to be claimed.

Total: The total number of FIS that can be claimed in the Sitara testnet. The system will update data every 0:30(UTC + 8) and release new FIS to be claimed that day. Users can claim at any time till Sitara testnet closes.

4. Claim FIS

4.1. Select "Extrinsics" in the left menu, Please take a note of "using the selected account", "submit the following extrinsic", "Make a claim to collect your FIS" and "dest: AccountID", which will be referred to later.

4.2. Select the account you want to receive FIS in "using the selected account".

Notice: When multiple Stafi accounts are imported, please select the account that is qualified for StakingDrop and make it the same as in Step 3 and 4.

4.3. Select claims in "submit the following extrinsic".

4.4 Select claim(dest) in "Make a claim to collect your FIS".

4.5 confirm the selected account in "dest: AccountID".

4.6 Submit the claim info by clicking "Submit Unsigned".

4.7 FIS is claimed if the below window is popped out.

5. View Claimed FIS

Confirm whether there are FIS to be claimed or not by Step 3. Click "claimed" to check claimed FIS.

Or, you can check whether FIS have been claimed on the page below (the red box).

You can send FIS once claimed successfully, and you will be positioned to nominate validators in the Sitara testnet.

Notice: All FIS that you claim in Sitara are only for testing. You will be familiarized with the process. When the mainnet is live, you can get real FIS. Therefore, Stafi encourages you to try every operation and delegate validators you like, in order to perform all actions properly when the mainnet is rolled out.