Guide On Mainnet

1.Choose Network

Choose StaFi mainnet

2. Functions of rBridge

1) Click 'rBridge' in 'Account' menu to jump to 'rBridge' page.

2) Select the FIS account that wanted to swap, then enter the amount and ETH address. Check your input and click 'Make Swap'

Note: The FIS amount you enter will all be converted, and additional commission will be charged from the FIS account.

3) Enter the password to your FIS account and click 'Sign and Submit'

Note: Turn on 'unblock for 15min' button then you don't have to re-enter the password in the next 15 minutes. Please make sure your network is safe when that is on.

3. Confirm whether the FIS has arrived

1) Download metamask plugin wallet: if you don't have one.

Import your Ethereum account. This wallet supports import by private key or JS file.

Note: The Ethereum account you import must be the one you use for swap, or the balance will be 0 when you add a token.

2) Select Ethereum Mainnet and click 'add token'

3) Enter contract address: 0xef3a930e1ffffacd2fc13434ac81bd278b0ecc8d

and click 'next'.

Note: no need to enter the token symbol and decimal of precision, the system will detect automatically.

4) Confirm whether the balance of FIS is consistent with what you entered during swap operation. If so, that means you have successfully swapped.

If the FIS balance is 0, check the Ethereum address of this metamask wallet is the same as what you entered when you swapped. If not, please re-enter the Ethereum address.