1.What's the contract address of rETH?

Contract address(for Open Beta): 0x680ab46340aa2189515b49fd35ac8a5bd66e78de

2.Which wallets support the Staking of ETH by connecting StaFi?

Currently, only Metamask supports that.

Download the wallet from: https://metamask.io/download.html

3.How to obtain rETH?

After Staking ETH, StaFi will automatically send the equivalent of rETH (ERC 20 token) to the user, which anchors the Staked ETH as well as the corresponding staking income.

4.How to Stake ETH?

A guide for Stakers and validators in the testnet: https://docs.stafi.io/rproduct/reth-solution/reth-testing-guide#users

A guide for the (validator) community: https://t.co/MInv7DCdVD?amp=1

5.How to calculate the exchange rate of rETH?

The calculation method can be found in rETH Solution: https://medium.com/stafi/stafi-reths-solution-to-the-slash-of-eth-ae44e3767fb0

The exchange rate of rETH will update every 8 hours.

6. What is an Original Validator(OV)? How to become an OV?

An Original Validator refers to the ETH 2.0 validator who joined the StaFi ETH2.0 Staking Contract program.

An ETH2.0 node operator can become an OV through Onboard. The operator is required to register and make a deposit which is 4-16 ETH (now is 8ETH).

The process: https://docs.stafi.io/rproduct/reth-solution/reth-testing-guide#validators

7. What are the circulation scenarios of rETH in the future?

1) StaFi will establish rETH/ETH pair on DEX such as Uniswap and Balancer, and will issue FIS rewards to the liquidity providers.

2) StaFi has reached cooperation with several centralized exchanges that support inner circulation.

3) rETH will be also integrated into the DeFi protocols of Polkadot and Cosmos through rBridge, the cross-chain service provided by StaFi.

4) rETH can also be deposited or lent out on the loan agreement platform that cooperates with StaFi, generating interests without losing Staking income.

8. Has rETH been audited in terms of security?

The rETH contract has been internally tested, and we have launched a Bug Bounty campaign within the community. More importantly, the code has been handed over to CertiK, a well-known audit institution. When the audit is completed, we will optimize the code again.

rETH code base: https://github.com/stafiprotocol/stafi-node

When a user Stakes ETH, StaFi will automatically Mint the equivalent amount of rETH for the user, which is commission-free.

When the Staking succeeds, the validator will charge 10% of the Staking rewards as a commission.

When a user redeems ETH, the initial redemption fee is 0.2% of the redeemed ETH,. The detailed calculation method can be found in the rToken white paper:https://docs.stafi.io/stafi-whitepaper/rtoken-paper

10.StaFi's solution to Slash of Ethereum?

In the beta version, we require any validator to pay 8ETH as a deposit. When Slash occurs, the deduction will be made from the deposit pool to protect users' assets.

For details please read:https://medium.com/stafi/stafi-reths-solution-to-the-slash-of-eth-ae44e3767fb0

11. When will the redemption function be accessible?

Since ETH2.0 will not support transfer and redemption until Phase 2 goes live, the redemption of rTokens will follow that timeline. We will tag along with ETH 2.0 and support the function in time.