rBridge FAQ

1. What does rBridge do?

rBridge is the channel between the StaFi mainnet and Ethereum. FIS of the StaFi mainnet can be converted to ERC20 FIS in a 1:1 ratio, and the latter can be used in the Ethereum DeFi ecosystem when it comes to transactions, lending, and other applications.
However, it should be noted that currently, only FIS of StaFi mainnet can be converted to ERC 20 FIS, and not the other way round.

2. How to use rBridge?

1) Enter the amount of the ERC 20 FIS you want to exchange and the Ethereum address for the payment on StaFi rBridge page.
2) rBridge will automatically calculate the handling fee of the current ETH network, and mention the amount of FIS to be paid according to the real-time FIS/ETH exchange rate;
3) The user completes the payment of FIS of StaFi mainnet, which will be temporarily stored and locked in a contract address during a transitional state;
4) When the contract deployed by rBridge on Ethereum detects the user's request on the StaFi chain, it will automatically Mint out ERC 20 FIS and send them to the Ethereum payment address that the user has provided;
5) The user will receive ERC20 FIS in less than 1 minute.

3. Is ETH commission needed?

No. We will pay the ETH handling fee, which means that the user only needs to pay by the real-time FIS/ETH exchange rate.
For details:
Exchange Ratio
Mint Service Charge
Burn Service Charge
ETH Commission
Charged in the form of FIS translated from the real-time Gas of Ethereum

4. What should be noted?

1) As the screenshot marks below, in "1", you need to enter the number of FIS you want to convert, and in "2" you will see the number of ERC 20FIS you will get. Currently, "1" and "2" will be the same.
"3" shows the transaction fee. Therefore, please spare some when initiating this operation, otherwise it will fail.
2) When you confirm whether ERC 20FIS has been received in MetaMask wallet, please confirm whether the current account is the same as the ETH address you had filled beforehand. If not, please switch and confirm again.

5.Where is the guide to rBridge?

6. Has the rBridge contract been security-audited?

The rBridge contract has been internally tested, externally tested, and audited by CertiK, a prestigious audit institution. CertiK has also put forward some suggestions on potential problems, and we have later optimized accordingly.
Click here to check the rBridge audit report.

7. The Contract address of ERC 20 FIS tokens?


8. When will the two-way bridge be supported?

It is expected to be accessible from January 2021.

9. Can ERC 20 FIS be traded on Uniswap?

Yes. Currently, users can trade on Uniswap through the FIS/ETH pair. You can follow this guide:Uniswap trading Guide

10.How to provide iquidity for FIS/ETH on Uniswap?

Please refer to this guide: Add rETH Liquidity on Uniswap

11.When the mainnet FIS were swapped into ERC 20 FIS, why did the Metamask wallet not respond for a while?

When completing the swap operation on StaFi mainnet, users may could not receive ERC20 FIS immediately in their Ethereum address.
Because the rBridge contracts need to take a little time, which is around 1 minute, to deal with the related transactions on Ethereum.
Users could enter the ERC 20 FIS contract address:0x13ef51f0525df6045267baed411f535d86586bc1 in the Ethereum explorer ( to check the status of this swap.

12.What is the Estimated Gas Fee about?

The bridge will charge a certain amount of FIS to cover the ETH gas fee paid by StaFi for sending ERC20 FIS to your ETH address. We will calculate the estimated fee based on the exchange rate of ETH gas charged and FIS token at the real time. Estimated fee will be deducted from your transfered account.

13.Is there any commission fee when using rBridge?

For now, we do not charge any commission fee when users swap FIS/rFIS tokens between native token and ERC-20 token.
But we may charge commission fee for other tokens like rETH/rDOT/rKSM when using rBridge.