rAsset FAQ

1.What are the functions of rAsset on the StaFi chain?

rAsset on the StaFi chain is a dashboard product for rToken holders and provide 3 main functions:
1) Manage rToken Assets: All the rToken holders could use rAsset to manage their rToken assets on the StaFi chain, like knowing the amount of rTokens in the wallet, total values of held rTokens and redeemable native tokens etc..
2) rToken Assets Trading Entrance: rToken holders could select the rToken to be traded in rAsset and trade them on the integrated DEXes, such as rDEX, Curve Uniswap, ect.
3) rBridge Integration: rToken holders could use the “Bridge” function to swap rTokens between StaFi chain and other chains, like Ethereum and BSC.

2.Which rTokens that rAsset supports?

For now, rAsset supports rETH, rFIS, rBNB, rDOT, rATOM, rSOL, rMATIC, rKSM.