Native to BEP20

This guide takes rFIS as an example to demonstrate the rFIS swapping process from native to BEP20.
1.Select the token standard.
2.Enter the amount of FIS that needs to be swapped, then click "Swap".
“Estimate Fee“ shows the commission for the operation, which will be deducted from the StaFi account, so please be sure that a certain balance in this account.
Note: The amount of FIS before and after swapping are the same.
3.Enter the account password in the transaction confirmation interface and click "Sign the transaction".
4.The swapping process is on-going, please check your rFIS balance on your metamask after swapping.
5.Enter the rFIS contract address in BSC network: 0x8962a0f6c00ecad3b420ddeb03a6ef624d645fed, then you could see as the following picture shows: