Native to BSC
Currently, StaFi added the BEP20 token standard, now the users can swap assets between the format of Native (StaFi Chain), ERC20 (Ethereum) and BEP20 (Binance Smart Chain). As shown in the following figure:
This tutorial takes the rFIS as an example to demonstrate the swapping process between the format of native (StaFi Chain) and BEP20. It’s necessary to add BSC network in Metamask wallet, please follow this guide to add: If you have already done that, please skip it.

Native to BSC

1) Select the token standard and click“Swap”.
2) Select the token standard and type, enter the amount of token and the BEP20 address in the “rBridge Swap”, then click “Swap”.
Note: The transaction fee will be charged as FIS token. Please ensure that there are enough FIS tokens in your wallet, otherwise the transaction will fail.
3) Please follow the prompt to enter the password. When the swapping process is completed, the page shows that the operation is successful. Click "VIEW YOUR TRANSACTION" to view the details in the related blockchain explorer (this step can be skipped).
4) Enter the rFIS contract address in BSC network: 0x8962a0f6c00ecad3b420ddeb03a6ef624d645fed, then you could see as the following picture shows:
1) StaFi rAsset App supports the function of swapping assets between StaFi Chain, Ethereum and BSC. When swapping assets to the StaFi chain and Ethereum, just select the corresponding standard in the “rBridge Swap” page.
2) The contract addresses of StaFi rTokens in Ethereum and BSC are:
FIS: 0xef3a930e1ffffacd2fc13434ac81bd278b0ecc8d
rFIS: 0xc82eb6dea0c93edb8b697b89ad1b13d19469d635
rETH: 0x9559aaa82d9649c7a7b220e7c461d2e74c9a3593
rDOT: 0x505f5a4ff10985fe9f93f2ae3501da5fe665f08a
rKSM: 0x3c3842c4d3037ae121d69ea1e7a0b61413be806c
rATOM: 0xd01cb3d113a864763dd3977fe1e725860013b0ed
rFIS: 0x8962a0f6c00ecad3b420ddeb03a6ef624d645fed
rETH: 0xa7a0a9fda65cd786b3dc718616cee25afb110544
rDOT: 0x1dab2a526c8ac1ddea86838a7b968626988d33de
rKSM: 0xfa1df7c727d56d5fec8c79ef38a9c69aa9f784a3
rATOM: 0x1e5f6d5355ae5f1c5c687d3041c55f0aeec57eab
In the future, StaFi will release the function of swapping the rToken to ERC20 and BEP20 format such as rSOL and rMATIC.
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