Staker Guide

Note: Please be sure the FIS is native format before staking through StaFi rFIS product. If not, please swap the ERC20 FIS into right format through StaFi rBridge in advance.

The video guide from community:

1. Install Matamask wallet

1)Enter MetaMask official website: click "Download" to download the wallet.

2)There are three versions including Chrome, iOS and Android. Choose your favourite version to download. We suggest you to choose Chrome here.

3)Click "Add to Chrome" and follow the leads to install.

4)After the installation is complete, click "Get Started" to enter the wallet page. You can also find the MetaMask wallet in the extension at the upper right corner of the screen.

5)Choose "Import wallet" or "Create a Wallet" according to your situation, then you can find the MetaMask plug-in wallet in the extension. The second picture shows the successful import.

6)Make sure you are in Ethereum Mainnet.

2.StaFi App Connect Metamask钱包

1)Open this link: and click "Connect to Metamask".

2)Click "Next"

3)Confirm the ETH address is correct, Click"Connect".

3.Stake ETH

1) Confirm the current ETH account and balance in the upper right corner. Select "Staker", enter the amount of ETH that will be staked. The minimum staking amount is 0.01ETH. Estimated APR shows the predicted estimated annualized return of your staking. Click "Stake".

2) The page jumps to the Metamask wallet, confirm the amount of staked ETH and the Gas fee. Click "Confirm" to confirm this transaction.

3) Confirm that the stake operation is successful. click "Status" to view the current pledge status.

This page shows the amount of rETH obtained and the current exchange rate of rETH/ETH.

"Trade" and Redeem are temporarily unavailable.

Click "Stake" to continue staking ETH, the steps are the same as above.

4. Check rETH

1) After the staked is completed, you can check the amount of rETH in the Metamask wallet:

Select "Ethereum Mainnet" in Metamask wallet.And click“Add Token”.

2) Select "Custom Token" in the "Add Tokens" interface, fill in the rETH testnet contract address in the "Token Contract Address" column: 0x9559aaa82d9649c7a7b220e7c461d2e74c9a3593, and click "Next"

Note: You don't need to fill in Token Symbol and Decimals of Precision.

3) The amount of rETH as the picture shows.