Add rETH Liquidity on Curve

1.Open the link: connect to Metamask wallet. If you don’t have installed Metamask wallet, please download and install it according to this link:
2.Enter the ETH/rETH liquidity pool page, and click "Deposit".
3. Now the page displays all the available ETH and rETH. If you want to customize the amount of Tokens deposited in the liquidity pool, please click "Use maximum amount of coins available", and you can do it after the "X" disappears.
4.The amount of deposited ETH and rETH is set, you can click "Deposit" to start depositing ETH and rETH.
1) You can select the gas price according to the actual situation.
2) In the following screenshot, you can see that the number and price of Curve reth LP token calculated based on the number of deposited ETH and rETH. LP token is the certificate of deposited assets.
5.After clicking "Confirm" twice in the Metamask wallet , the prompt as shown in the screenshot will be displayed on the Curve page. At this time, please wait for the transaction to end.
6. When the message "My share" is displayed on the page, the deposit operation is successful.