The Guide on imToken

Before staking ETH through imToken wallet, please be sure that you have download it. If not, please download by the link:
1.After successfully creating or importing an Ethereum account on Imtoken, select “Eth2 Staking” on the “Wallet” page.
2.Select “Eth DApps” on the “Eth2 Staking” page, then enter the Eth2 staking providers list and select “rETH”.
3.Entering the amount of ETH to be staked in the Staking page of rETH App, then click “Stake”.
Current page display: ETH APR, the amount of rETH you will get, the FIS reward( only during StakingDrop).
4.Please confirm the transaction, then click “next”.
5.After completing the staking process, the dashboard page displays the amount of rETH, APR and the amount of rewards.
Click "Exchange on Curve" to trade rETH on Curve.
6.Click "Claimable" to receive the staking reward FIS (ERC20 ) (only during the StakingDrop).
7.After receiving the rewards, users could add the FIS ERC20 contract address to the “Wallet” page of the imToken and view the FIS token amount.
FIS ERC20 contract address: 0xef3a930e1ffffacd2fc13434ac81bd278b0ecc8d