Staker Guide

Please be sure that the FIS is native token on StaFi mainnet (not ERC-20 on Ethereum) before staking through the StaFi rToken App. If not, please swap it into native FIS through StaFi rBridge.
Here is a video created by community:

1.Installation of Polkadotjs extension

Then follow the prompts to import or create a StaFi account.
Note: After installation, please import or create an StaFi account, otherwise in the 2rd step you will fail and get reminded: Please install and enable the Polkadotjs extension, then create or import your account.

2.Connect to Polkadotjs extension

1) Enter this page:, click"Connect Wallet".
2) In the case of importing multiple StaFi accounts, the system will display all currently imported accounts, select the suitable one and click "Confirm" to connect.

3.Stake FIS

1) Click "Stake" in the rFIS info page to stake FIS.
2) Fill the amount of FIS that will be staked then click “Stake”.
3) Sign for the transaction in the Polkadotjs wallet.
4)The staking operation is successful.

4.Redeem the staked FIS

1) Click "Unstake" in the rFIS info page.
2) Fill the amount of rFIS that will be unstaked and click "Unstake".
3) Fill the password and sign for the transaction.
4) The unstaking operation is successful.