Staker Guide

Please be sure that the FIS is native token on StaFi mainnet (not ERC-20 on Ethereum) before staking through the StaFi rFIS product. If not, please swap it into native FIS through StaFi rBridge.
Here is a from community:

1.Installation of Polkadotjs extension

Then follow the prompts to import or create a StaFi account.
Note: After installation, please import or create an StaFi account, otherwise in the 2rd step you will fail and get reminded: Please install and enable the Polkadotjs extension, then create or import your account.

2.Connect to Polkadotjs extension

1) Enter this page:, click"Connect to Polkadotjs extension" and select"Yes, allow this application access".
2) In the case of importing multiple StaFi accounts, the system will display all currently imported accounts, select the suitable one and click "Confirm" to connect.

3.Stake FIS

1) rFIS App link:
Enter the amount of FIS on the "Staker" page, and click "Stake".
2) The minted rFIS types are displayed on the “Choose mint type”page. rFIS App supports Native, ERC20 and BEP20 formats. Native rFIS will be used on the StaFi ecosystem, ERC20 rFIS used for DeFi on Ethereum, BEP20 rFIS used for DeFi on BSC.
Note: some commissions and operations will be involved in the new mint type function.
Bridge Fee: charged for the bridge between StaFi and Binance chain swapping Native rFIS into ERC20/BEP20 format.
Staking & Swap: including two main operations, stake FIS and get rFIS, and swap rFIS into ERC/BEP20 format.
This guide takes obtaining BEP20 rFIS as an example to demonstrate the operation process of the new mint type.
Enter the Binance account to receive BEP20 rFIS, click “Stake”.
3) The transactions and handling fees are displayed in the "Staking Overview" page, just click ”Continue” and sign once.
4) The Status is shown below.

4.Redeem FIS

1) Enter the number of FIS redeemed and click "Unbond".
2)Enter the account password in the transaction confirmation page and click "Sign the transaction".
3) As shown in the figure:
0 means the amount of FIS that can be withdraw at present, and the amount number will be displayed after 14 unbonding days.
After the "Redeem" operation, 0.20% of the commission will be charged and there will be 14 unbonding days according to the StaFi NPoS consensus.

5.Switch account

1) Click on the FIS address in the upper right corner of the screen.
2) Select the suitable account in the account list which has been imported into the Polkadotjs extension and click "Confirm" to successfully switch the account.