Staker Guide

Notice: rToken app DOES NOT support Ledger. DO NOT connect APP using Ledger, otherwise your assets will be lost.
Here is a guide from community:

1.The installation, import and connection of Polkadotjs wallet

1) Download the Polkadotjs Wallet

User needs to connect StaFi rKSM App and PolkadotJS wallet when staking KSM, currently PolkadotJS wallet only supports Chrome and FireFox explorers, user could download this wallet by the following links:

2) Import StaFi and Kusama accounts

When you stake KSM through StaFi rKSM App, StaFi accounts and Kusama accounts are both needed to be used and imported into the PolkadotJS wallet in advance. The importing entrance is shown in the screenshot below:
Note: In order to make the Substrate account accurately display the address on each chain, please select "Kusama Relay Chain" when importing Kusama accounts, and select "StaFi" when importing StaFi accounts.

3) Connect StaFi rToken App with Polkadotjs extension

Enter this page:, click "Connect Wallet“.
Note: Because of the cross-chain interactions of Kusama and StaFi chains when staking KSM, the user needs to select the Kusama account and StaFi account respectively.

2. Select an account

1) Click “Change Address“ and then to select the suitable one.

3. Stake KSM

For more details, please refer to the DOT staking process.