The rBridge Guide of rKSM

This guide mainly shows the process of “swapping native rKSM into ERC20 rKSM” and “swapping ERC20 rKSM into native rKSM”. Before using rBridge to swap rKSM between StaFi chain and Ethereum, please make sure you have Ethereum and Polkadot JS wallets first.
If you don't have Ethereum or Polkadot JS wallet, please follow this guide:
Notice: rToken app DOES NOT support Ledger. DO NOT connect APP using Ledger, otherwise your assets will be lost.

Native to ERC20 rKSM

1. Enter this link:, select "rBridge"-"Native to ERC20"-"rKSM", enter the amount of KSM and Ethereum wallet address that need to be swapped into, the amount of swapped rKSM will be automatically displayed on the second column. The amount of rKSM before and after conversion is the same. Click "Swap".
“Estimate Fee“ shows the commission for the operation, which will be deducted from the StaFi account, so please be sure of a certain balance in this account.
2. Enter the account password in the transaction confirmation interface and click "Sign the transaction".
3. The “Tx Broadcasting“ page shows “Tx is broadcasting, please check your rKSM balance on your metamask later. It may take 2-10 minutes". This process will last 2-10 minutes, please check ERC 20 rKSM after ending.
4.Check ERC20 rKSM
1) Select "Add Token " on Metamask wallet.
2) Select "Custom Token" and enter token contract address: 0x3c3842c4d3037ae121d69ea1e7a0b61413be806c, then click "Next".
3) This page shows the amount of ERC20 rKSM,click "Add Tokens".
4) Added successfully.

ERC20 to Native rKSM

1.Select "ERC20 to Native", “ERC20 rKSM balance” displays the rKSM balance of the connected ETH account. Enter the amount of rKSM and StaFi address. The amount of native rKSM to be swapped will be displayed in the second column.
"Estimate Fee" shows the gas fee for this operation.
2.Follow the prompt "Confirm" twice in the transaction confirmation interface.
3.Check the native rKSM after successful swap.
You can check it in “rKSM balance” after the operation is completed.