Staker Guide

1.rToken app DOES NOT support Ledger. DO NOT connect APP using Ledger, otherwise your assets will be lost.
2.Before staking MATIC via rToken App, please be sure that your MATIC is ERC20 format.
ERC20 MATIC Contract Address: 0x7D1AfA7B718fb893dB30A3aBc0Cfc608AaCfeBB0
1) Metamask extension:
Please refer to this link for the guide of adding the above wallets:

2.Stake MATIC

1) Click "Stake" in the rMATIC info page to stake MATIC.
2) Fill the amount of MATIC that will be staked then click “Stake”.
3) Sign for the transaction in the Metamask wallet.
4)The staking operation is successful.

3.Redeem the staked MATIC

1) Click "Unstake" in the rMATIC info page.
2) Fill the amount of rFMATIC that will be unstaked and click "Unstake".
3) Fill the password and sign for the transaction.
4) The unstaking operation is successful.