Recovery Function

1) Staking Record

1) When the sending is completed and the MATIC is sent to the StaFi contract address on Ethereum chain but the staking process is not completed, the "Recovery" function is enabled to resume the operation.
Confirm whether the transaction is successful in the notification bar. If it prompts "Error", it means the stake operation failed, as shown below:
2) Confirm the Token type on the current page, enter the TxHash and click "Proceed" to continue the delegation process.
When you continue to stake MATIC, the signature page will pop up, just follow the prompts.

2) How to get TxHash

1) Open the Polygon browser: , enter your Polygon account to search.
2) Find the transaction corresponding to the current account under the:“Erc20 Token Txns” page and click the transaction hash.
3) The "Transaction Hash" displayed on the current page is the TxHash of this transaction, just copy and paste it into the Recovery function of the rMATIC App.