The Guide for Mint Program

The main functions of Mint Program in rPool App provides the user entrance to the staking incentive campaign that StaFi and partners initiate.


1) Click the following link to enter the Mint Program page: will be released on mainnet soon). This guide takes the rDOT pool as an example to demonstrate the main functions and processes of Mint Programs.
2) Click "Mint" to stake FIS, the page will jump to rDOT App staking page, then stake FIS as the page prompt.
rToken Staking Guide:
3) After the staking is completed, the page will be displayed on the details page: Reward Token, Minted Value, My Mint and My Reward.


Click “Claim” to claim the rewards. The “Claim Reward” page shows “Total Rewards,Locked Rewards”. Enter the amount of FIS token that will be claimed and click “claim” to claim the rewards.
The claim operation is to initiate a transaction on the StaFi chain. After the operation is completed, the FIS reward will be directly sent to the StaFi account that initiates the transaction.
1) Please sign twice when claiming the FIS token in rETH pool.
2) The reward is native FIS, please install the PolkadotJS extension to claim the reward.
PolkadotJS extension download link: