Staker Guide

rToken app DOES NOT support Ledger. DO NOT connect APP using Ledger, otherwise your assets will be lost.
This guide refers to Polkadotjs and Phantom wallet, so if it is not installed, please download and install the wallets as the guide. If not, please skip this step.
Before staking SOL, please make sure that some FIS is in your StaFi account to charge the relay fee. If not, please follow this guide to swap some FIS.

2.Stake SOL

1) Click "Stake" in the rSOL info page to stake SOL.
2) Fill the amount of SOL that will be staked then click “Stake”.
3) Sign for the transaction in the Phantom wallet.
4) The staking operation is successful.

3.Redeem the staked SOL

1) Click "Unstake" in the rSOL info page.
2) Fill the amount of rMATIC that will be unstaked and click "Unstake".
3) Fill the password and sign for the transaction.
4) The unstaking operation is successful.