Add FIS and rSOL Token in Phantom Wallet

1.Before adding, please make sure you have installed the Phantom extension.
2.Select “Manage token list” in Phantom wallet.
3.Enter "StaFi" in the search box, and "StaFi rSOL" (rSOL) and StaFi Token (FIS) will be displayed, open the button to add successfully.
Note: You can also add FIS and rSOL token in other Solana wallets.
1) FIS
Token Mint Address: FG7x94jPcVbtt4pLXWhyr6sU3iWim8JJ2y215X5yowN5
Token Name: StaFi Token
Token Symbol: FIS
2) rSOL
Token Mint Address: 7hUdUTkJLwdcmt3jSEeqx4ep91sm1XwBxMDaJae6bD5D
Token Name: StaFi rSOL
Token Symbol: rSOL