1.Why Trade rTokens on rSwap?

Sometimes, rTokens on DEX may face limited liquidity so that the exchange rate of rTokens against native tokens may be extremely low (under 80% or less).
So rSwap will be a better choice to exchange for native tokens immediately with a discount(90%) on exchange rate.

2.What’s the discount on exchange rate on rSwap?

90% for rATOM

3.How much native token could you get when using rSwap?

Now Alice want to sell 100 rATOMs on rSwap, she will get 100*1.04*90%=93.6 Native ATOM instantly.

4.How to sell rTokens on rSwap?

Please check this guide for the detailed steps.

5.Does rSwap support to sell large amount of rTokens?

It depends on the current amount of native tokens provided by the financial providers in the pool. If the native token pool is run out, you have to wait for more financial providers to pool liquidity.

6.How to become a financial provider on rSwap?

Welcome to send your proposals to [email protected] or contact in our telegram: