Fee Station Guide

When you swap DOT for FIS, please note that Polkadot account balance should be better more than 1 DOT to keep it alive, otherwise you may not succeed to stake DOT with StaFi.
The FIS Station App aims to help users to exchange for native FIS token to pay for the gas fee when using rToken App. Now the FIS Station App supports ETH, DOT, KSM and ATOM to swap for FIS token. In the near future,it will also support MATIC, SOL and other tokens to swap for FIS tokens.
This guide takes DOT as an example to demonstrate the process of swapping native tokens into FIS token.
Related Wallets
PolkadotJS: supports FIS, DOT, KSM
Metamask: supports ETH
Keplr: Support ATOM

1.Connect Wallets

1) Enter the FIS Station App as the picture shows below or click the links:
2) ​​Connect FIS Station App and Wallets as the below page prompts.

2. Swap FIS with Native Token

1) Click “Select a token” to select native Token(Now you can select ETH, DOT, KSM, ATOM). This guide will use DOT as an example.
2) Enter the amount of FIS tokens you want to exchange for.
Slippage Tolerance: you could choose the max slippage tolerance, like 0.5%, or 1%, or more..
Minimum receive: the minimum amount of FIS tokens received based on the current price and slippage tolerance.
“2”: Swapping ratio of DOT and FIS based on real-time price.
Note: you can swap up to 20 FIS per transaction.
Before clicking "swap", you need to confirm the account which receives the FIS token. If you want to change the address, click the FIS account tab ( highlighted in the 3rd part in the picture above) to select the appropriate address.
3) Sign Process When you swap DOT token into FIS token, you need to sign two times to ensure the safety of the whole swapping process.
Please check the amount of FIS token in the notification bar and selected FIS account.
Note: Each native token has different signature times during swapping due to the different technical framework.
ETH: 2 times
DOT/ KSM: 2 times
ATOM: 1 time