rToken development

Including rETH, rFIS, rDOT/rKSM, rXTZ/rATOM, etc.
Among them, rETH and rFIS are already under audit; rDOT/rKSM is under development, and rXTZ/rATOM will be started in Q1. In addition, we have discussed the possibility of developing StakingDerivative with many PoS public chains including Solana, Near, Avalanche, Nuls, CapserLab, Cartesi, etc. We will gradually support rSOL, rNEAR, rAVA and other rTokens in a phased manner, making the ecosystem of rToken more flourishing.

rBridge development

Including two-way bridge, rToken bridge, BSC bridge, SOL bridge, etc.
Bridge is the infrastructure through which rTokens enter different ecosystems. The current development of different ecosystems is obvious to all. Of course, the bridge between rToken and Ethereum is our main focus. At present, we have completed the development of the two-way bridge linking Substrate and Ethereum. After that, we will soon support rToken Swap. We believe that integrating rToken with BSC and Solana will be an interesting attempt.
In addition, other ecosystems, such as Polkadot, Near, and the newborn Heco, have a demand for interest-bearing assets, which greatly facilitates our development for they are compatible with EVM. We seek to put different ecosystems all together with rToken through rBridge.

StakingDrop development

Including rToken Mint incentives, Dex liquidity incentives
Mint will increase the number of rTokens, and liquidity incentives will encourage the use of rTokens, which are both important for the StaFi ecosystem. We are actively exploring the possibility of listing rTokens on Cex, besides Dex. If the liquidity of rToken is drastically improved, multiple application scenarios will emerge one after another.


When the transaction of rToken has become a routine, we will explore the finance aspect of it. As a new interest-bearing asset, its presence in DeFi protocol will become a game-changer. Projects including Unilend, Easyfi, Dforce, etc., have expressed a great interest in Staking Derivative, and we will probably reach a partnership with them in the future. At the same time, integrating rToken into existing mainstream DeFi protocols, such as Curve, Compound and Aave, etc., will also be our focus. We have also discussed with many teams in terms of rToken Index, rToken StableCoin, and other possibilities. We believe there will be interesting attempts.

Polkadot Ecosystem

In the Polkadot ecology, we will further study the use of Polkadot Parachain/Parathread, and provide a liquidity solution for Parachain Slot Deposit for the projects built on the basis of Substrate. Speaking on this, we have discussed cooperation with projects like Plasm, Chainx, and Equilibrium.