New rTokens

StaFi has already launched 7 rTokens. Based on the current experience, it is not a good idea to release more rTokens instead of expanding the released rTokens.. StaFi Core Team will continue to explore some new public chain projects, such as Avalanche, Near and Fantom, but we are not sure whether they will be launched in Q4. On the other hand, exploring new projects will help StaFi to have new ideas on the Staking Derivative.
More importantly, we will continue to promote the adoption of existing rToken, launching incentive campaigns together with partners, stimulating the application of rTokens, and educating more users on the value proposition of rToken. We will make effective use of community funds and launch more incentive plans in a reasonable and appropriate manner. For example, the $1M rETH incentive plan launched on Curve and the $1M rToken incentive plan launched on Liqee.

Open Platform

The original intention of establishing StaFi is to build an open, efficient staking derivative platform so that more developers and projects can develop their own liquid staking solution through StaFi. With the continuous accumulation of development experience of StaFi Core on rToken, we feel it is time to open the StaFi protocol to the community now.
Of course, developing rToken on the team own and developing an open Staking Derivative protocol is not of the same difficulty, because community developers are not as familiar with the StaFi rToken as the core team. StaFi Core Team has a lot of documents and SDKs work to do to create a more friendly and open development environment, and this really excites us. We will update the latest progress of our development constantly.

New Scenarios

Liquidity is still a problem that StaFi will continue to solve. Before StaFi rToken App can be responsible for its own profits and losses, StaFi will still use Community Funds to support rToken’s Adoption, and will gradually shift from foundation decision-making to community DAO. In our experience, in addition to using DEX to solve liquidity problems, Lending Protocol is also a very effective method. This new liquidity method is of more Capital Efficiency than DEX in some scenarios. At the same time, we are still studying the way of discounting to exchange for liquidity, which should be launched in a future product update.
There are more attractive scenarios for rTokens such as Index products based on rToken, leveraged staking, yield farming, etc., which can bring more fun scenarios to rToken. In Q4, we will update our thinking on that in the community.
Please note that we have not emphasized the scenario problem of FIS itself. You can read our FIS Tokenomic paper, which explains the value capture scenarios of FIS. All rToken Adoptions can achieve value capture of FIS tokens and improve the valuations to FIS holders through the Buyback-Burn mechanism.