rToken use cases


StaFi believes that delivering an interest-bearing rToken service is only the first step. The liquidity dilemma of Staked assets will not be fully resolved if rToken cannot be freely traded, exchanged or utilized in other financial applications. Therefore, StaFi will strive to create comprehensive use cases such as DEX, lending, and synthetic assets for rTokens.

Use Case 1: CEX

StaFi will cooperate with centralized exchanges to list rToken/Token, rToken/USDT, and other pairs to further enhance the circulation and liquidity conditions of rTokens.
We have previously announced collaboration with BitMax as one of the user-choices among CEXes and will strive to add more partners and liquidity providers, including dedicated liquidity programs for all users

Use Case 2: DEX

rToken holders can not only redeem native tokens from the StaFi Staking Contract, but also sell rTokens on a variety of venues with rToken/Token, rToken/ETH, and rToken/USDT pairs.
So StaFi will list rToken trading pairs on different DEXs to provide enough liquidity for rToken holders. Meanwhile, StaFi will implement liquidity incentive programs in order to promote liquidity for rTokens on DEXs.
For example, StaFi and Dexe reached a strategic cooperation to give both traders and followers a way to generate even more profit from their assets.

Use Case 3: Lending Protocol

Besides trading, StaFi will work with decentralized lending protocols to provide lending services for rToken holders. If the rToken holder doesn't want to sell rTokens but still wants liquidity, he or she could deposit rTokens on lending platforms to borrow ETH or USDT.
StaFi have teamed up with Equilibrium on this. Equilibrium will add StaFi’s rTokens to its lending platform, and StaFi’s staking platform will work with Equilibrium’s EQ token.More details:Equilibrium Integrates With StaFi For Enhanced Liquidity On Both Sides

Use Case 4: Derivatives

StaFi will explore possibilities of working with derivatives protocols like Hegic or Opyn to create options and index derivatives based on the interest-bearing rToken. So the holders with a large position of rTokens could use options to hedge from the secondary market price fluctuation.

Use Case 5: Insurance

StaFi will cooperate with insurance protocols to provide insurance services for rToken original validators. When the validator deposits are slashed, their loss will be insured.

Use Case 6: Integration with PoS projects

Now there are so many PoS chains that they want native liquidity staking for their staked assets which they want StaFi to help develop with rToken solutions. So StaFi will also cooperate with these projects to come up with related solutions.
We have already cooperated with Oasis, Reef, Maitc and Equilibrium, and welcome any interested projects to communicate with us on such ideas.
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StaFi is always open-minded to explore the possibilities of rToken use cases, therefore we hope to establish solid partnerships with different protocols. If you are interested to cooperate with StaFi on rToken, please send your proposals to [email protected].