Mainnet and Testnet

There are 3 networks to support the development of Stafi Protocol, those are:
Mainnet: Token in Mainnet is the real one, including FIS and rTokens.Uses can enable token transfer and staking in the Mainnet.
Seiya Testnet: Seiya is a public testnet, new features/functions/modules will be deployed in Seiya first, and it is a long run testnet, devs/users who have interest in testing should familiarize yourselves with Seiya.
Sitara Testnet: Sitara is the incentive testnet for the important updates of Stafi, to incentive more devs to join testnet, devs with great contribution will be rewarded, there will be many stages of Sitara to make sure the robustness and security. Sitara is often held in a certain period, and closed when all tasks are completed.