Rewards for Sitara Participants


There are up to 500,000 FIS (accounting for 0.5% of the total Token) to be awarded to validators and community members during the whole Sitara testing. We will judge by validators’ completion of tasks. Normally, validators can earn rewards as long as their tasks are completed. For the tasks with limited prizes, the late comers will not get rewards.
In addition, we sorted the award-winning nodes during each phase of Sitara testing as follows, and we want to thank all validators and community members again for all your love and support.
Note that only Participates who pass KYC can get rewards in Mainnet. KYC collection has ended on 25 Aug 2020,


During the Sitara testing, which lasted about 35 days, 600,000 blocks have been produced. We were excited to see firsthand what validators were doing in the Sitara testnet to help us with different kinds of testing. Some data is shown below to sum up the operation situation of Stafi Protocol.
    Over 650 people signed up, 398 validators joined in Sitara
    There were 9 tasks in the first Stage, and over 220 validators completed them all. More than 270 completed at least one task, accounting for 82% of all nodes.
    In the second stage, more than100 nodes have completed Sentry Nodes. Meanwhile, and more than 50 nodes have completed the monitoring script task (Monitor Task). The reward distribution rate is as high as 100%. In addition to that, Uptime’s online statistics shows that the online rate of award-winning validators(nodes) is up to 95%.
    In the second phase of stage 2, 52% nodes updated to the newly released testnet within 12 hours. We had expected a higher number though. The top validator was nominated by 38,000 FIS, and more than 195 Stakers participated in the nomination.

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