Staking Contract (SC)

This section introduces how StaFi’s core functions are implemented. It will refer to concepts like Staking Contract, multi-sign account, rToken, and special validator (SSV), etc,. Let's make a brief explanation one by one. Detailed explanations can be found in their separate parts.
rToken: rToken is a derivative asset issued by StaFi based on Staking token. Holding rToken means that you can apply for redemption of native Staking token at any time of the same amount of the same type. It also means you have the right to obtain the yields of Staking tokens.
Staking Contract: A set of code to realize core functions of StaFi such as pledge, redemption, and transaction. It also records the mapping relationship between rToken and staking token. Staking contract to Stafi is similar to CDP contract to MakerDAO.
Multi-sign account: The interim account that StaFi uses to manage staking token and participate in Staking.
(StaFi) Special Validator: We will refer to it as SSV (Stafi Sepcail Validator). SSV and Stafi Validator (SV) are different. SSV is responsible for managing multi-signature accounts, validating the original chain transaction status. They use multi-signature to handle Staking Tokens in the account.
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