Register an identity

Stafi provides a naming system that allows participants to add personal information to their on-chain account.
You should select Stafi Mainnet(hosted by Foundation) in StaFiapp first.

Set an Identity

Users can register some default fields like legal name, display name, website, Twitter handle, Riot handle, etc. along with extra, custom fields for which they would like attestations. Users must reserve funds in a bond to store their information on chain - 10 FIS per identity, and 2.5 FIS per each field beyond the legal name. These funds are locked, not spent - they are returned when the identity is cleared. Each field can store up to 32 bytes of information, so the data must be less than that. When inputting the data manually through the Extrinsics UI, a UTF8 to bytes converter can help.
The easiest way to add the built-in fields is to click the gear icon next to one's account and select "Set on-chain identity".
A popup will appear, offering the default fields.
You can set the legal name as your name on telemetry.