In order to encourage the usage of Stafi, we will be rolling out a cool campaign named StakingDrop. It’s easy to get involved: as long as you stake assets in the designated projects, you will be gifted $FIS stakedrop!
StakingDrop will be divided into several stages, stage 1 will be launched before the Mainnet, and stage X will be launched according to the launch of Staking Contracts.

Stage 1- Original Staking

In the first stage of StakingDrop, Stakers can provide their Staking proof and initiate a small transaction to the designated address or provide their signature to get FIS drop. The FIS stakingdrops target at stakers, so users can claim their stakingdrops no matter they staking beforehand or after. The size of stakingdrops is proportionate to the projects they staked and the value of Staking tokens.


Early August


2,000,000.000 FIS (2% of total supply) will be dropped to staker

Stage 2- StakingContract Staking

There are multiple StakingContracts will be launched in this stage, FIS will be dropped to staker who are staking via StakingContract, FIS amount are proportionate to the projects they staked and the value of staking tokens.


Coming Soon