ATOM StakingDrop


  • Date: 19:00 (UTC+8) 6 Aug , 2020 - 23:59 (UTC+8) 31 Aug, 2020

  • Reward: 400,000 FIS

  • Approach: First time first get

  • Drop Ratio

Staked Valud $

Ratio ($:FIS)







Staked Token delegated for Wetez

Add 20%

Staking before the campaigns starts

Cut 20%

The airdrop ratio is directly proportional to the value of StakedAsset. For example, when the value of the staked asset is less than $500, the airdrop ratio is 1:0.05, which means that $1 of staked assets can get 0.05 FIS.

On this basis, when the staked asset is delegated to Wetez ( a validator), all ratios are increased by 20%. For example, when you delegate $100 stake to Wetez, the airdrop ratio is 1:0.06.

If your staking is completed before campaigns, the ratio will be reduced by 20%. For example, you have already staking $100 stake before the campaign, your airdrop ratio will be 1:0.04.This is done to offset the risk for new users who first acquire the assets and then start staking. There is no sybil attack possible here as the chain has an unbonding period, making possible attackers lose out on rewards if they perform it.

Distribution Scheme

During the campaign period, the distribution of all rewards follows a linear curve, as shown in the figure below.:

Reward will gradually increase from day 1 as time goes by. If you participate in staking at day1 of the campaign and do not unstake during the whole period, then you will get all the FIS corresponding to your proportion, but if you participate at day 2, you will not be able to get your reward at day 1, if you participate at day 3, you will not be able to get your reward at day 1 and day 2, and so on.

This means that the earlier you participate in the campaigns, the more rewards you will get, and the closer the campaigns ends, the more rewards you will get in a single day.

You cannot unstake your tokens during campaign, and if you do so, you cannot obtain all airdrop. For example, If you participate at day 1 and unstake at day 3, you can only get reward from day 1 to day 3, but you will not be able to get reward from day 4 to the rest.

Please note that all rewards will be allowed to be claimed on the 31th day after the Mainnet launch.


  1. You have to submit full staking proof in order to get the drop. Once submitted, the number of the airdrop token cannot be modified.

  2. There is only 1 airdrop for each Staking account during this campaign.

  3. There is a personal limit for a single account to obtain airdrop, which cannot exceed 6000 FIS.

  4. The number of Staking Tokens must be larger than 1.

  5. As for the Wetez privileged rewards, you have to stake more than 200 tokens to get it and it should be staked after the campaigns.


1.Create a FIS account

If you haven't created a FIS account yet, you can follow this tutorial.If you have already created one, please go directly to step2.

Make sure you have backup the mnemonic of this address, it will be used to claim FIS in the Mainnet, please keep it safe.

2. Fill in addresses

Before this step, make sure you have staked in the original chains, If you haven't , please follow up staking tutorial. Note that, you can delegate your token to any validators you like

Open stakingdrop page, click "Get Drop" of ATOM drop campaign, and fill in the FIS address and ATOM staking address, then click "Generate" to generate a specified address. The specified address is different , an example is shown as below.

3.Bond addresses

To make sure you are a human, you should slide to validate, and then click "Bond" to complete bond operation.

4.Send 0.001 ATOM to the specified address

After completed, the system will prompt you to send a small amount transaction from staking address to the specified address, please send it within 24 h, otherwise your stakingdrop will fail. And note that tx should be executed after the bonding.

Note: There is no special requirements for the wallet you use. It is recommended that you could use a familiar one.

How to check my drop?

After completing all operations, you need to wait for 20 minutes, system will calculate your estimate drop of the day, only if you staking proof get validated and you are keeping staking of the day, your estimate drop will be confirmed.

Note that confirmed reward will be dropped at 00:00 (UTC+8) every day.

You can fill in your FIS address to check your drop status, your confirmed drop will be shown as below.


Total Drop

Your all confirmed drop


FIS amount that you can claim in the mainnet


FIS amount that you can get without unstaking


It includes Dropping, Finish, Unconfirmed and Dropout. Dropping means you are rewarding.Finish means the drop is finished.Unconfirmed means you staking proof has not been validated, Dropout means there is no reward left.


Time of submission


The end time of Drop, if you unstake, it will be your unstake time.

Delegate Amount

The amount of your delegation

If you have more than two types of token drop, then you can select to view the stakingdrop records of different tokens

If you are facing issues when you are submitting, please check error instruction for help.