DAO Treasury


The FIS token of StaFi is currently fully unlocked and in circulation. However, the details regarding the allocation of tokens for the community and inflation have not been previously explained. This proposal aims to address the treasury situation concerning the community and inflation components. It will provide an overview of the addresses associated with these two parts and propose partial staking of the treasury, as well as introducing burning mechanisms in the future to ensure long-term sustainability.

StaFi is actively undergoing decentralization, aiming to become a permissionless, contributor-driven DAO. In order to enhance transparency and promote long-term sustainability, we are releasing the details of the community aspect of the DAO Treasury, includes both the Inflation Treasury and the Community Treasury allocated from Genesis Sumup, and all the FIS tokens have been unlocked and are in circulation. Here is the list of the contents

Wallet AddressType
36JkR8Gzx2tAUaVzHeRQhbsfL5J14j1hrCrYo1F851FLcM4V (opens in a new tab)Genesis(StaFi Chain)
31XQjajM9x14JvUoXE6tMqkRzf2NfGxqmk45szTwHsF7vkq7 (opens in a new tab)Genesis(StaFi Chain)
33UFoCxwXDJwWKKDBx6xp68X7rtBLXun5TvSxtoKmB6KwZnP (opens in a new tab)Genesis(StaFi Chain)
3327TuapxKGaDVaj6rSyywBQWmbZkiCNHRjfs8hCUzK3eeux (opens in a new tab)Genesis(StaFi Chain)
34e1uL9Y8pJnb2F13x1K3ppHJ4UF9txUYbM2CgqcdSewfsa2 (opens in a new tab)Genesis(StaFi Chain)
31ocHCL7Dw8YJC9zeHT7UXiA4ZgjDwzWQgphRKGbSX41fcCg (opens in a new tab)Genesis(StaFi Chain)
33DgUpArHKJgYMepNaqkXFEzYipuD8UYfZsXDmG8ZbHStWAw (opens in a new tab)Inflated reward(StaFi Chain)
stafi1gy5jtfmxw9nyr0p4mkfh9lakegm3jxn3sjdvea (opens in a new tab)StaFiHub

The community currently hold a total of 38,865,489 FIS, including 6,155,429 rFIS, which represents approximately 35% of the total supply. Within this total amount, the quantity of available FIS tokens (with no stake or delegation) is 34,435,323 FIS.

The balance in address 33UFoCxwXDJwWKKDBx6xp68X7rtBLXun5TvSxtoKmB6KwZnP (opens in a new tab) is currently 0. This portion of funds has been allocated for past marketing campaigns, including StakingDrop, and other incentive. The purpose of this address has already been explained in the previous tokenomics V1 documentation.

The previous wallet address was a single address. To enhance the security of the assets, it is currently undergoing migration to the following multi-signature wallet address:

Wallet AddressMultisign
32khQjt9vK6HBcUGgVJsxQXwRXPz5E9E83WKuvfMoK5CnPw9 (opens in a new tab)3/5
34wBXY2fzPnfikEXpGbUzqWV3r2B44iJgV5wPaB5YNrxpj3Z (opens in a new tab)3/5
33aRRH6B8YyUBBhR2Cppj6s7S8dJfsmMpievnLiMY4JRUsmD (opens in a new tab)3/5
31FTe87cgmBdp4DueiCrEqVNoc4mpmwERQ2nGPyHduASuAEa (opens in a new tab)3/5
335ye5dGBCM74P1m6gfNytbUfk5cHVXnqBDvUakqvGANDp1Q (opens in a new tab)3/5
31VApuoJa5raPEzjQNKRjyrwuRsbN7YjHzrypxnPCwXLUAfo (opens in a new tab)3/5

The current members of the multisig mainly consist of core team and community members. You can check the signing addresses of the members on Subscan.